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Introducing nX-bruit, the ultimate surveillance robot for dense forests. With an impressive endurance time of 45 minutes, it swiftly launches into action within a mere 5 seconds. Designed to navigate challenging terrain, Bruit excels in covert operations, ensuring effective surveillance in even the most rugged environments.


Introducing nX-cleo: the ultimate surveillance drone for border patrolling and surveillance applications. With an impressive 60-minute endurance limit, 160 cm wide wingspan, and the ability to handle 15 kmph wind gusts, Cleo is the perfect choice for reliable and efficient aerial operations. Take your surveillance capabilities to new heights with Cleo!


Introducing nX-crop, the cutting-edge agricultural drone specially designed for the agriculture industry. With a remarkable 10-liter spray capability, HexaCrop ensures efficient and precise application of agricultural inputs. Its massive hexa rotor enables it to carry substantial payloads, making it a reliable workhorse for large-scale farming operations. Maximize your agricultural productivity with HexaCrop, your trusted partner in modern farming.


Introducing nX-hover, the masterpiece of outdoor and indoor entertainment, designed to elevate your special ceremony to unforgettable heights. With its captivating presence and mesmerizing performances, SkyHorse guarantees an enchanting experience that will be cherished forever. Let SkyHorse create magical memories that will leave a lasting impression on your event.


Introducing nX-jatayu: the agile and stealthy drone designed for short-time, quick, and camouflage patrolling operations. With a 140 cm wingspan, Crow can swiftly navigate through tight spaces and remain inconspicuous during critical missions. Elevate your patrolling game with Crow, the ultimate tool for rapid and covert surveillance.


Introducing nX-quad, the ultimate quadrotor drone equipped with full autonomy and exceptional videography capabilities. With its remarkable stability, QuadBoost can withstand substantial wind gusts, ensuring smooth and professional footage even in challenging conditions. It's the perfect companion for photography enthusiasts, allowing them to capture stunning aerial shots and videos. Additionally, QuadBoost is an ideal tool for mapping areas, providing civilians with detailed and accurate information. Embrace the power of QuadBoost and elevate your aerial videography and mapping experiences to new heights.

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Meet nX-raven, the extraordinary drone with a unique backflip capability that showcases its impressive maneuvering skills. Ravan is the perfect entertainment solution for events, captivating audiences with its acrobatic aerial displays. Get ready to be amazed by Ravan's thrilling performances, making your events truly unforgettable.

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Meet nX-veer, the extraordinary robot with an impressive endurance capability of up to 40 minutes. Perfectly suited for both entertainment and patrolling purposes, Chidiya brings joy and excitement to any occasion while efficiently monitoring the surroundings. Experience the perfect blend of entertainment and surveillance with Chidiya, your versatile companion.

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